October Challenge

Let's get moving!

A challenge for greater impact. October is Pregnancy Loss & Infant Death Awareness month and Jane's Room is looking for challengers to create a WALK RUN RIDE challenge during the 31 days of October. If you would like to bring awareness to families experiencing the unthinkable and support the mission of Jane's Room.. Well, here is your chance! Put your imagination to work and create your own October Challenge!

1. CREATE YOUR CHALLENGE: It only takes a few minutes to set up your challenge. Select a challenge name. Select a photo. Select a fundraising goal. Write up a description of your challenge. And, just like that, you are ready to make a difference for grieving families through Jane's Room.

2. SPREAD THE WORD & MEET YOUR GOAL: Once your campaign goes live, tell everyone in your network about it! Invite people by email, social media, and call in a few favors. The more people you get involved in your campaign, the quicker you will reach your goal.

3. SEE THE DIFFERENCE YOU HAVE MADE: Your fundraiser will make a tremendous difference for families in need of space for comfort in the midst of loss. We'll keep track of every dollar and send an impact report showing how your advocacy has help Jane's Room achieve its mission.

SIGN-UP INFORMATION: You can still sign-up. Send us an email at [email protected] saying that you would like to take part in the October Challenge and we will send you our sign-up PDF. Send it back to us and we will create your own dedicated Jane's Room fundraising page that you can share with your network.

Kate Moran & Megan Kieras
Bobby & Jamie Hawley
Jenny Spethmann
Corey Steiner
Darci Dormitzer
Lena Steiner
Steve Spethmann
Blair Bobier
Jessica Sember
Winder Holeman
Alice McCutcheon
The Higgins Family
Gwen Bryant
Mike Judy
Bret Kravitz
Brynn LaCount
Team Terrien