Rooms of Respite Program

Families experiencing pregnancy loss and infant death are often roomed in the general waiting area of the birthing center. As most all of those on the floor celebrate new life, these families are grieving. The stark difference makes the loss even more profound and painful.

That's why Jane's Room creates private, comforting areas of respite in the hospital for families experiencing loss. Our Rooms of Respite Program partners with hospitals to create these special spaces providing opportunities, options, and flexibility for grieving families.

Each Jane's Room is unique. Some rooms are designed as part of a new hospital construction project, while others are standalone renovation projects within Labor & Delivery Units or Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

By designing and installing respite rooms in hospitals across the country, grieving families will have the special space they need to start the healing process. We are committed to expanding our impact and reach by building new partnerships with hospitals who are interested in making pregnancy and infant loss care a priority.

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Education & Care Program

Families grieving the loss of a baby face many unknowns. It is critical they receive the support they need to process what happened and are provided direction for next steps in unfamiliar and painful circumstances.

The care provided to families while at the hospital can set the stage for their overall long-term grieving and outlook. We believe doctors and nurses that are supported with perinatal bereavement resources and training are better prepared to compassionately engage and communicate with parents and families affected by loss.

Our Education & Care Program works with hospitals to identify opportunities to enhance their bereavement care programs and then provide funding to support new initiatives.

By sharing Jane’s story and helpful materials in our online resource center and within our respite rooms, grieving parents will discover they are not alone. They can get connected to a community of families, organizations, and resources to help them as they get back home and begin the journey of navigating life after loss.

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One of our families felt strongly that they did not want their baby to spend any time in the morgue. When the funeral director arrived, he was escorted to Jane’s Room. When the parents were ready, the dad brought their baby from the mom’s Labor and Delivery room to Jane’s Room. There this precious child was passed from dad’s arms to the arms of their trusted funeral director.
Susan, Perinatal Loss Coordinator, Northwestern Prentice Women's Hospital